Talkie – BBQ Chicken Pizza
Ticket Price – Rs.250/-
Theatre – Mumbai Bistro
Box office rating – 3.8 stars

Cast – Bread, Roast Chicken, Barbeque Sauce, Onion, Green Bell Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese.

Review – A film based on the notorious Mumbai gangster, Roasted Chicken. The smoke and terrorizing taste of the Roasted Chicken, engulfed every street he entered, with his Barbeque Sauce weapon always ready in hand. He ruled all of Mumbai, except a small portion ruled by another gang called Green Bell Peppers . They were known for their spicy and crisp weapons , which made it hard for many gang lords to invade. Roasted Chicken was determined to rule all of Mumbai and so he mastered a plan, inspired by the Trojan horse of Troy, he sent a gift to the Green Bell Peppers wrapped in long, gooey and mouth watering Mozzarella.
Without caution, the Green Bell Peppers unboxed it , and from within burst a number of equally spicy, crunchy and pungent Onion Warriors, chopping the Green Bell Pepper gang into small pieces and conquering all of Mumbai.
A lovely, hot and Tasty Pizza Film by Mumbai Bistro. Do not miss it.



Talkie – Gorgonzola stuffed chicken wings, louisiana dip.
Theatre – Kode
Box Office Rating – 4.5 stars

Review – I’ll start by sharing an interesting fact, which I learnt in the process of watching this film. Gorgonzola is one of the two types of Blue Cheeses found in the world. This film is about the yummy adventures of the crispiest ship in the world, called Chicken Wings, whose mighty chicken sails were known for their tender and juicy excavations. 
The story begins with the Chicken wings setting sail for Northern Italy. In search for a new and rare form of Blue Cheese.
You see because the French were particularly strict about not sharing the yummiest blue Cheese they had invented with Sheep’s Milk. The sailors were determined to not come back empty handed.
After the sailors docked on the Northern shores of Italy, they were well aware, it was no easy task, to get the Italian Blue Cheese, because the salt content was too high. This made it nearly impossible for humans to touch this exotic Blue Cheese with their bare hands.
But the sailors had a brilliant plan. With the help of their crisp and tender chicken wings, they started wrapping the cows Milk Blue Cheese, the juiciness of the tender chicken pieces started absorbing all that salt and the crisp coat on the chicken helped it from burning the hands of the sailors.
The sailors went home happy with a new found Blue Cheese called Gorgonzola. As a tribute to the sailors, who were from Louisiana, the Gorgonzola Chicken Wings were best served with Louisiana Dips.
I would not miss this one for anything, take a loved one and devour on this scrumptious and tasty dish.


Talkie – Veg. Schezwan Combo Rice
Theatre – Ravi Chinese Cuisine
Box Office Ratings – 3.5 Stars
Produced by – Mr. Ravi
Directed by – Chottu

Cast – Schezwan Rice and Noodles and Schezwan Sauce.

Review – This is a sequel to the previous movie, ‘Veg. Pot Rice’.
It is again about the protagonist trying to find the Spicy Ruby jewel, from the heart of the Fiery rice and noodle Schezwan mountains.
Situated right at the centre of schezwan mountains, covered with burning hot molten lava, it was nearly impossible to reach the Ruby jewel. Our protagonist tries everything, but does not reach the centre. Defeated, he heads back home. On the way he stumbles upon a mercury spoon. Looking at that, he gets an idea. He goes back to the mountains, uses the spoon as a surf board and starts surfing over the red lava mountains. As the heat of the lava increases the spoon expands,making it easy for the protagonist to reach his goal. Sorry for the spoilers, it is definitely a good sequel.
A very smart and a tasty movie and must watch for all the Chinese lovers.


Talkie – Salmon Carpaccio
Theatre – The Fatty Bao

Cast – Salmon Carpaccio, Soy, Yuzu, Chopped Scallions, Jalapeño , ginger and garlic juice.

Box office rating – 2.8 stars

Review – I would like to start with a disclaimer, that this is not a film that would suit any palate. The Salmon Carpaccio is a Raw Fish Film that requires some acquired taste.
Salmon Carpaccio’s performance was a bit too tough and rigid, considering his past performances have been celebrated for their moist and melt able texture, this one seems too tough. The female lead is played by Soy, she fits into the role perfectly, with just the right amount of punch and zing to spice up this slightly lost and deranged plot.
All the other supporting characters have also added their bit, but are a slight misfit in this exotic Fish Film plot.
We truly love the other films at the Fatty Bao , but the Salmon Carpaccio was a slight disappointment.
I would recommend going for something else on the menu. 


Talkie – Classic Blooming Bread
Ticket Price – Rs. 335
Theatre – The chocolate Heaven

Box office rating – 2.5 stars

Cast – Bread, Cheese, Garlic butter, Spring Onions and sesame seeds.

Review – This film is sadly a poorly executed, but with a solid plot, prison break film set in South America.
The Classic Blooming Bread was South America’s toughest and moist prison, and because of its maze like structure, painted with a slippery and aromatic garlic butter, it was impossible for inmates to escape.
Looking at this start to the film, you will convinced that the escape they attempt will be packed with thrill and excitement. Sadly the film doesn’t live up to that promise.
Inside the prison there are various groups formed, like the group of Sesame Seeds, a bunch of small, roasted and crunchy Asian contract killers. They have been planing to escape this prison for over 8 years, but have failed to figure a way up the buttery walls. Two fresh and juicy inmates Spring Onion and Cheese have also been planning to escape which brings all these characters to form a team. They plan a tasty, yummy and gooey plan to escape but out of them two fail to escape and die. Which two fail to leave the Blooming Bread prison is a spoiler i won’t share.
As good as the story sounds and looks, it fails to hold your palate.